【 LEGO20年2月 10272 CREATOR 系列曼联主场老特拉福德球场】

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广受 LEGO 玩家喜爱的 CREATOR 系列,将推出以足球为题材的新品,与英国曼彻斯特足球俱乐部(Manchester United)合作,将球迷心中的圣地-老特拉福德球场(Old Trafford)LEGO 化!「LEGO 10272 曼联老特拉福德球场」(Old Trafford - Manchester United),参考售价为 USD $299.99,
10272 Old Trafford — Manchester United, 3898 pieces
US $299.99 / CA $349.99 / DE/FR €269.99 / UK £249.99 / DK 2199DKK
老特拉福德球场可以拆分为 5 大部份:球场本体、西翼看台、费格逊看台(Sir Alex Ferguson Stand)、东翼看台、查尔顿爵士看台以及球场草地,LEGO 10272 Old Trafford - Manchester United 透过 3,898 件组件,将球场细緻还原,连场内雕像都以缩小两倍的 Micro Figure 一一齐备!对红魔迷来说绝对是必收之作~

Build and display a brilliantly detailed Old Trafford model.
Manchester United fans will love building this big LEGO set model of Old Trafford (10272) to show their allegiance to one of the world’s most famous football clubs. The building set for this LEGO football stadium provides a fun challenge to create a spectacular showpiece model.
Manchester United fans can show off this Old Trafford replica at home or the office. New for February 2020, this LEGO Creator sports set coincides with the stadium’s 110th anniversary. This building kit for adults features several evocative details including the players’ tunnel and the statue of the United Trinity.
Bring to life your passions with advanced LEGO sets!
LEGO Creator Expert advanced building sets allow adults to construct models based on some of their biggest passions, including cars, buildings and stadiums. Once the challenging and fun building experience is complete, these collector models from building bricks make an eye-catching display at home or the office.
A spectacular building set for adults to create a detailed model of Old Trafford. The perfect Manchester United gift for fans who want to show their undying support by displaying this LEGO football stadium.
A building kit of a 1:600 replica model of Old Trafford. This LEGO football stadium provides a fun and rewarding project and allows fans to relive their cherished memories of Manchester United with this detailed model.
The first opportunity to construct a replica of Manchester United’s Old Trafford from building bricks. The LEGO Football stadium makes for a stunning showpiece at home or the office.
This 3,898-piece big LEGO football set for adults makes for a unique Manchester United gift. It offers escapism for builders with a long and satisfying project, and the chance to show their passion for their club.
The Old Trafford-Manchester United LEGO football stadium measures 6.5” (18.5cm) high, 18” (47cm) long and 15” (39cm) wide. The perfect size to feature authentic details including the players’ tunnel and a statue of Sir Alex Ferguson.
LEGO 10272 Old Trafford - Manchester United
零件总数:共 3,898 件
建议售价:USD $299.99